Putting the “Ability” in Accountability


It should be common sense: do what you say you’re gonna do. Most of the time we keep our word, especially with the things that mean a lot to us and we control. Cooking, errands, chores, daily routines. Sometimes life happens and you find yourself in situations that throw off your groove. Keys locked in your car, surprise traffic jams, forgotten wallet or phone. It happens! That’s ok.

Preparation softens these blows and might even help us entirely avoid these little trip ups that make us late and look bad.

If you have an impressive record of running late, missing commitments, misplacing stuff, or making agreements you can’t keep, it’s my experience that intentionally improving your accountability will make life in general way smoother and enjoyable. We all want a fun and fulfilling life, right?

So let’s put in the effort on the front end, be more accountable, and enjoy the ripe fruits of our labors on the back end of more time, more money, more satisfying relationships, and complete days of accomplishments.

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Ownership is an attitude.

Take a look around. Who seems to have all the wealth, freedom, fun, happiness, abundance, significance?

In one way or another, it’s the guys and girls who own their lives.

Understand when I say “owner,” I don’t mean money (not entirely). I don’t mean real estate. In fact, how I mean “owner” has little to do with physical ownership. Though it’s a big part of the big picture, ownership is more than “things.”

Ownership is a mindset.

Ownership is an attitude.

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5 Beast Lifts for Karate and Jiujitsu

Why are these lifts good for martial arts?

There should be no question that strength training profoundly benefits your martial arts training, no matter the art.

When you lift intelligently with intent, you’ll hit harder, move faster, balance better, hold stances longer, grapple with more control, and throw with more fluidity. The list goes on.

If you’re not augmenting your martial art with strength training and seriously want to grow your bushido, I encourage you to start with learning and mastering the following lifts.

If you consistently train martial arts lifting, I invite you to incorporate these lifts, give them commitment for at least 3 months, and see how your martial artistry has taken off.

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Why practice martial arts?

Looking back, there are so many benefits from practicing martial arts – too many to count. Strong health, clear mind, calmness, assertiveness, empathy and service, emotional self-control, delayed gratification, and camaraderie just for starters. But the only way to know the benefits is to experience them yourself. While there are a few questions to ask before starting, the most important things to ask come from why you should start learning and practicing a martial art in the first place. I’ll do my best here to share why you should practice martial arts.

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