I hated reading.

I hated writing.

School taught me that. Being forced to read something I didn’t care for, to commit conscious thought towards, and report my findings, over and over, grew within me a contempt for the written word.

Until I found these. Building wealth. Mastering yourself. Inspiring others. Simple, useful, and best of all, actionable. I couldn’t get enough. Then it dawned on me.

Books are labors of love. They are focused. They’re the result of many iterations to deliver exactly the message the author intended. A good book resonates your being in ways you can’t articulate yourself. Why read? To gain the knowledge and experience of others so you don’t have to spend the time learning the hard way yourself (or never learning at all). Super simple stuff.

If you want to hyper-jump your experience, read.

If you want to set the best example, read.

If you want to be ready for the future, learn from the past and read.

Explore my library for the best to-the-point books to get you started kicking ass as soon as possible. Clock’s ticking.

How Rich People Think

Steve Siebold spent 26 years interviewing millionaires and entrepreneurs who are experts in their fields, asking their perspectives on life and attitudes about people & money to simply explain to us how their thinking has made the difference between world class lifestyle and middle class struggling. (Be honest with yourself – it’s a struggle.) This is the first step to getting your mind right.

The Way of the Superior Man

David Deida explores and offers insight on the biological and social roles of masculine energy. If you’re a masculine person, this is required reading. He outlines the basics for functioning and succeeding as a man, describing why you must pursue your purpose without distraction, how to best play your role in your relationship, and what to do in the face of life’s challenges.

Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha

John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein have established themselves as fun, professional, seasoned authorities in the fitness and nutrition industries. They’ve seen and fought to correct it all: workout myths, nutrition advice that does more harm than good, assertions with no grounds in science or experience, trainers that do no lasting service just to keep clients on the hook. Together, they wrote a book chronicled a tome addressing the above issues and more, redefining¬†alpha¬†from the ground up, prompting readers to start being honest with themselves, and outlining time-tested nutrition and workout practices that everyone can embrace for a personal renewal that lasts their lifetime. If you had to start somewhere in finally taking control of your life and making it last, grab this book and follow it to the letter.