Ownership is an attitude.

Take a look around. Who seems to have all the wealth, freedom, fun, happiness, abundance, significance?

In one way or another, it’s the guys and girls who own their lives.

Understand when I say “owner,” I don’t mean money (not entirely). I don’t mean real estate. In fact, how I mean “owner” has little to do with physical ownership. Though it’s a big part of the big picture, ownership is more than “things.”

Ownership is a mindset.

Ownership is an attitude.

Ownership is more of a “how to be” and less of a “what to do.”

When you own yourself, you are unstoppable. When you own the three feet around you, when you own your responses and choose your outlook, when you own your experience, you become a person of influence and accomplishment. You exude that potent alpha vibe, that ready awareness where you’re sensitive & receptive to your environment and can assert yourself where appropriate. 

In this life, you get both sides of everything. You get the bad with the good, the desirable with the undesirable, the problems with the blessings, the relaxation with the effort, the growth with the decay.

Wanting to own just one of those sides while resisting or avoiding the other will bring trouble! Now, you’ll always have problems in life. Perhaps someone’s told you “damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” It’s how you handle them and navigate them that determines your course.

Some problems you choose. Your job, school, hobbies, lunch for today, this and that. You’ll like the outcome more because they’re your choices. Naturally, all those same decisions will bring some kind of problem that you didn’t necessarily choose – coworkers causing trouble, car problems, non-cooperative professors.

Now, when we meet these problems, we have a decision to make.

We could reject them. “I don’t wanna deal with that! That’s not my job! I’ll do it when I have time.” How well do you think these situations will turn out? Will that attitude of rejection, dismissal, avoidance help us solve these problems that we must deal with eventually?

Or we could accept them. Embrace them, take ownership of these problems and encounters. What would happen if we chose to face these challenges as if we had chosen them ourselves and dominate them from the beginning to their resolution?

It’s easy to take ownership of the problems we choose. They’re ours and probably serve our goals or interests.

It’s a different story when we encounter problems we must deal with that we didn’t choose. They may not interest us whatsoever. Solving them may bring no real benefit to us.

Understand that the decision that makes all the difference is not whether to solve the problem, but what attitude to take. Your attitude makes all the difference. So choose the attitude that best serves you!

Successful don’t necessarily make the right decisions. They make their decisions right.

Who respects the guy who dodges all additional responsibilities? “Ok so he can do his job but other than that, he’s useless.”

Who respects the guy who goes out of his way to help where he can with a great attitude? Everyone. “He’s the man. There’s nothing he can’t do. Nothing escapes him. If we need anything done, he’s the guy to do it.”

How you’re being is far more important than what you’re doing.

How you’re carrying yourself in this world matters far more than what you say, have, and do.

You could be the most successful, accomplishing entrepreneur superhero in the world… but if your attitude is garbage, who will want to be around you?

Attitude is the dealbreaker. Even a lazy sod is nice to be around if his attitude is A+.

Who are the best influencers in the world? People with great, progressive attitudes.

Who powers on through anything, despite insane obstacles and no end in sight? People with great attitudes.

The next time you’re presented with a problem, whether you chose it or not, engage and dominate.

Choose ownership. And watch as life yields to you.