So you want to learn something. That’s great! The next question is: where to start? What’s the next step?

Whether you want to play an instrument,  speak a new language, or improve your public speaking, the variety of next steps you could take are all actually different forms of the same idea.

Whether you grab a book, search online for articles, or take lessons from an instructor, you are doing one thing: Seeking a Mentor. This is one of the most important starting steps of the Hero’s Journey. When you want to learn something new and it’s already been done, what’s the most sensible course of action?

Learn from someone who’s done it.

If you want to learn to play the guitar, you find a guitar instructor. If you want to be an engineer, you go to school and take engineering courses from professional engineers. If you want to be a millionaire, you read books and go to seminars to learn the thinking and behaviors that produce millionaires.

At least, you should be doing these things.

It’s easy to agree that learning from those who have come before, learned from the mistakes, and earned the success will prove an irreplaceable  and worthwhile time investment. If the help is there, why not use it?

While making your own way is fundamental to your own success, taking time to read what our fellow experienced men and women have written, listen to what experts say, and doing what experts do will certainly point you in a better direction sooner and save you headache, heartache, and the occasional stomachache.

Why should you listen to successful people? Because they’ve already done it! This sounds like common sense; that’s because it is. There’s no guesswork, no believing, no “maybe it will work.” Just observation. They are people and you are a person. If they can do it, so can you. Therefore, getting what you want is hardly a matter of if you can, but if you will.

What are you trying to accomplish? Go find your teacher, hire a coach, study under a sensei. You owe it to yourself to be smart with your and others’ time by using every resource you can to grow as soon as possible. Clock’s ticking.

To get you started, allow me to introduce you to my teachers.

David Deida for relationships and spirituality.

Elliott Hulse for beasting up on somethin’.

John C. Maxwell for leadership.

Simon Sinek for servant leadership and living from love and plain humanity.


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