Why do you get up in the morning? And why should anyone care? Simon Sinek

Do something for me real quick.

Think of 2 people.

One person who you think is just “living life.” When you ask them “hey, what’s going on?” they typically answer, “oh, same old, same old” or “just another day, you know?” You can always find them doing the same monotonous thing. Think of someone who is just surviving. Keep this person in mind.

Now think of someone else. Someone who seems to be going somewhere in life. You can easily tell this person is after something great and has a plan to get it. Everytime you see or talk to them, you feel their attitude that they operate their world, control their decisions, and influence everyone they meet. Everything they do is for a thought-out reason, every decision they make is based on some higher goal they pursue. Think of someone who is living on purpose. 

My question to you is

Which one are you?

Do you wake up to go do the same thing again today? Or are you excited for the possibilities and adventure life will confront you with this time? Do you go to a job, quietly hoping things might turn around one day, somehow, someway? Or have you set a goal for yourself and make every decision based on whether that choice will get you closer to that goal?

Do you chase an accomplishment to secure a better life for your family? Or do you chase your tail. Or worse, someone else’s tail?

Are you working for your dream? Or someone else’s?

Let me ask you again: Why do you get up every morning?

Enough questions. What can I actually do?

Start paying attention to yourself.

For every choice you make, ask yourself why you decided and have a good reason.

If your reason is “just because,” TRY AGAIN.

If your reason is “because they said so,” they better have a good reason. Doesn’t matter if they are your parent, teacher, boss, coach, escort, friend, spouse, employee, or president. Anything worth doing has a good reason why it should be done.

This is to help you practice critical thinking in your daily life. Once you start making better decisions on the easy, daily stuff, then you can move on the more important and more fun questions.